Tables and Stands

Sometimes you need a table that fits a pre-existing decor, or exact dimensions that fit a work space. We enjoy designing tables and stands that suit your exact specifications and wood choices. Barn-board and primitive constructions are our favourites!

Here is a matching pair of tables (one is a big-screen TV stand, the other a matching coffee table). Rough-pine barn-board construction. Sold for $275 each. Choose a colour that goes with your decor.

Here’s a retro stereo stand. Made of spruce and painted/decorated to resemble the 50s styles, it calls to mind the days of juke boxes and singles! Choose a colour, design and make it to fit your custom components. Tends to be priced in the $400-$600 range, depending on design, wood type and modifications.

Below are craft/work tables that were custom created with a specific workspace in mind. Each table had to be exact dimensions to fit into an existing space and compliment the decor of the studio. They are simple white pine construction with removable legs.
$225 each

Below is a barn-board and “live” butternut coffee table. It is a unique John Allaire design with elevated butternut ends for a unique look. This item is currently available and for sale at $400.

Below is an example of live-edge tree slap occasional and end tables. This one is butternut. They are available as the wood becomes available. If you have a specific requirement, let us know and we’ll try and source out the wood and develop the table! This one sold for $285.


This is a true barn-board table, with the cedar top being rescued from a fire pile after an out-building was taken down. This table is HEAVY!


Surfboard coffee table – this was a rehab from old materials found in Northern Quebec. I like the slim lines on this one.


Here is a mini coffee table or end table. This one is 18″x26″, but you can choose whatever size you need! Finished in a honey pine and sealed, the barn-board is framed and accented with iron hairpin legs! This particular table retails for $250.

Below are a pair of custom utility tables. They are pine, attachable and very light for portability. These two tables combine to be almost 12 feet long! Beer pong anyone? $175 per table. Custom sizes!